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An Interview with Laura Alary

 by Laura Alary This posting originally appeared on the January 11, 2016 garynealhansen.com. This week I interviewed Laura Alary: a very dear friend, and a children’s author who has written a growing shelf of books. She takes both children and theology very seriously. My kids and I totally dig her books. Since her new kids’ book Make Room: […]

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Laura Alary on What Inspires Her to Write Picture Books That “Make Us Bigger on the Inside”

 by Laura Alary This posting originally appeared on the Picture Book Theology Blog. Picture books helped me recover from eight years as a doctoral student. After writing and defending my thesis, I felt like the little lime tree my mom tried to grow in our home. The poor plant struggled along in the unfamiliar climate, […]

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Writing Democracy. Or not.

by Donna Sinclair When social justice types run out of new ways to make our voices heard, we can always fall back on writing letters. I like this approach. It gives me a chance to do research and offers the recipient a chance to read and reflect on my argument carefully. Well we could always […]

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