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What We Read This Week

  Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week! WEATHER Pakistan quake killed hundreds, created island off coast As more becomes known about the strong, , we’re hearing that: — “A small island created in the Arabian Sea by the huge earthquake that hit southwest […]

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Change the World? Change the Conversation!

by Robert V. Thompson Approximately 7,000 people attended the 1993 Parliament of World Religions in Chicago.  In one workshop, the presenter was a Sikh separatist. He argued vehemently against the Hindus, saying that Sikhs should have their own state in India. He became strident, and (not surprisingly) a Hindu fundamentalist in the room reacted angrily. […]

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We All Wear a Marvellous Disguise

by Robert V. Thompson A number of years ago I had an opportunity to do something I had always been curious about – go to a psychic and get a reading. After a friend sang the praises of a psychic named Tomeiko, I decided to go. As I entered her house, Tomeiko instructed me to […]

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