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Group of teenagers sitting in classroom with raised hands.

Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Teacher

by Susan McCaslin Some serious teacher bashing is going on in British Columbia right now. Shelly Fralic, a journalist for the Vancouver Sun, recently exploited her personal issue of teachers parking their vehicles on a public street in front of her house as a means of arousing hatred against teachers for their “sense of entitlement.”¹ […]

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Reconfiguring the Enemy

by Susan McCaslin Lately I’ve been learning how to see the “enemy” as a potential friend who might not be so “other” as first assumed. I became involved recently in a local grassroots effort to save an endangered mature rainforest near my home in British Columbia – a 25-acre parcel of land filled with western […]

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Arts and Activism

by Susan McCaslin The arts have always been avenues for both contemplation and action. Poetry may be seen as one of the softer art forms, but it can be one of the most powerful. Like the earth itself, poetry arises from the dark ground of being, from unknowing, from mystery. Poets give voice to the […]

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Art and Activism: An Engaged Aesthetics

by Susan McCaslin When I was first invited to write a series of blogs based on my Wood Lake book, Arousing the Spirit, I was reluctant to blog on my own writing. What I had to say is already there in the book, I thought, so what’s the point? Yet reflecting on what I wrote […]

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A family plants a tree

A Real Celebration of Earth Day

by Donna Sinclair In my own small way, I love to care for Mother Earth. Today I worked in my still-almost-bare front garden, pulling grass (where does it come from?) ignoring passing cars, envisioning summer. The lupines are just poking through, and the daylilies show their green tips everywhere. Soon the Oriental poppies will blast […]

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