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Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

Love and Laughter

I love our congregation. This is why. Neo was at worship on Sunday. He is a severely disabled child whose gorgeous smile appears like a sunburst when you speak to him. When something happens during worship that he likes – perhaps music – he sings without words. He has no words. His caregiver wheels him […]

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Why should I bother with pastoral prayers?

by David Sparks I was going through one of my “Why should I bother with pastoral prayers?” phases recently when a voice deep inside me reminded me that it wasn’t me that was the issue here. The prayers offered on Sunday morning are for all the people of the church. It is their concerns, their […]

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Pastoral Prayers for Sunday

by David Sparks It’s one of those weeks when I am glad to have the opportunity to offer pastoral prayers on Sunday. Are there places in the world that need to be held up in prayer? No doubt about it! I have just been watching a news report from Thailand, where my son John is […]

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