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Ten Tips To Make Your Life Better

by Donna Sinclair It’s been over three months since the federal election; one month since Christmas. Partisan sniping in Parliament has recommenced and newspaper columnists are inexplicably (to my mind) arguing for a foolish pipeline.  The festivities are over. As W.H. Auden says, we are now  “back in the moderate Aristotelian city… And the kitchen […]

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Resting in the Perfection

by Bruce Sanguin This posting originally appeared on Bruce Sanguin’s blog Visit his blog for more postings, webinars, and podcasts on Evolutionary Christianity. This practice originates in Buddhism. It feels right to me that there is an abiding perfection (completeness) in this and every moment. From one perspective this seems preposterous. How can we […]

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The Wars Against the Self

by Susan McCaslin Today, September 21, is the International Day of Peace. By the time you read this blog, the occasion will have passed, but like Mother’s Day (which for some has become a sentimentalizing of the mothering principle) the practice of active peacekeeping can easily be forgotten in the day-to-day of living. I’ve been […]

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