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Collaging the Deep Self

by Margaret Kyle In January 2013, I began a group called “Collaging the Deeper Self,” based on the book Soul Collage Evolving by Seena Frost. The purpose of the group was to provide a time to create a deck of personal cards, using collage, intuition, and imagination, that would help participants get to know […]

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A God for Atheists: Not Dogma but Mystery

by Robert V. Thompson I have an atheist friend (well, actually, I have a lot of atheist friends) who asked me how it is that otherwise intelligent people can possibly believe in God. At one of his parties, he kicked back a martini and, swaying back and forth, said to me, “So from what you […]

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Epiphany 2012: Context is Everything

by Ellen Turnbull Epiphany explorations. Aptly named. Exploring what words really mean when they are spoken. Marcus Borg tells us that context is everything. A hot babe on the beach, a hot day in August, a hot shot at the hockey rink. Same word, different meaning. So words spoken in a Mediterranean country in the […]

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