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2019 InstaAdvent Photo Challenge

Our InstaAdvent Photo Challenge is back! It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Sadly, this means that we sometimes lose sight of the real meaning and purpose of this time of year. Advent is a time of anticipation and waiting for the birth of Jesus. There’s so much wonder and love in the air! So, join us in Busted Halo’s InstaAdvent Photo Challenge! Post a photo every day during Advent and stay connected to the hope, joy, and occasional peppermint mocha that make this time of year so special! It’s the season of giving, so we’ll be giving away prizes each week. May the best InstaAdvent photo win! Read Full Article

From Busted Halo


Burger King is Running Out of Zesty Sauce Because of Climate Change

The 2019 horseradish crop was battered by unusually harsh weather, and the effects are showing up in fast food joints. A shortage of Zesty Onion Dip at Burger King has distressed many people, who have turned to Twitter to express their frustration. What’s apparent, however, is that not many people understand why their favorite condiment is in short supply and will not be available in large quantities until spring 2020 – and that has to do with horseradish. Read Full Article

From Tree Hugger


A Word for the Day…

You may have heard the story of a man who came across three masons who were working at chipping chunks of granite from large blocks. The first seemed unhappy at his job, chipping away and frequently looking at his watch. When the man asked what it was that he was doing, the first mason responded, rather curtly, “I’m hammering this stupid rock, and I can’t wait ’til 5 when I can go home.”

A second mason, seemingly more interested in his work, was hammering diligently and when asked what it was that he was doing, answered, “Well, I’m molding this block of rock so that it can be used with others to construct a wall. It’s not bad work, but I’ll sure be glad when it’s done.” Read Full Article


Meditating on Love and Connection with Mr. Rogers and C.S. Lewis

The most powerful moment in the new Mister Rogers’ biopic A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, is when, for a full minute (60 actual seconds, I timed it), nothing happens.

In the scene leading up to the moment in question, Fred Rogers (played with winsome virtuosity by Tom Hanks) and Lloyd Vogel (the character played by Welsh actor Matthew Rhys and based on journalist Tom Junod, whose 1998 Esquire profile of Rogers was the catalyst for the film) are sitting in a Chinese restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh.

Over lunch, where we discover that Mr. Rogers is a lifelong vegetarian — “I just cannot imagine eating anything that has a mother,” he explains — Vogel says he believes his dining companion likes “people like me … broken people.” Rogers is having none of it. Read Full Article

From Sojo


8 Ways to Actually Deepen Your Faith

Have you been moving forward in your Christian walk? Or do you struggle to enjoy a real relationship with God? Too often Christians consider the act of salvation to be an intellectual decision and not a transformational one. But it is the same power of God that brings about your newfound faith and enables you to grow and mature. Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine

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