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In Mindy Kaling’s ‘Late Night,’ Conviction Is (Excellent) Comedy

Can a movie engage with important topics in a way that doesn’t feel burdensome? Late Night assures the answer is yes. Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine


Pope Francis Has Changed the Lord’s Prayer

Pope Francis has made a change to Jesus’ most famous prayer. For years, Vatican officials have been studying translations of the Lord’s Prayer, and in recent months, they have decided that a mistake occurred in the current translation “from a theological, pastoral, and stylistic viewpoint.” Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine


How Biden’s Campaign Confronted Him on Abortion

Joe Biden’s aides knew that the 2020 front-runner was going to get ripped apart over his support of the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortion procedures. They were frustrated that the former vice president wouldn’t change his stance, and that he wasn’t initially receptive to their concerns. Now that Biden has come out against Hyde, his aides are trying to prevent him from being labeled a flip-flopper. Read Full Article

From The Atlantic


Gun Violence: When Normal Becomes Unacceptable

The news on Friday was devastating: There had been yet another mass shooting, this time in Virginia Beach, and 12 people were killed. Many of us had the same painful reactions of grief for the families, fear that this could happen to someone I love one day, anger at the gun manufacturers whose influence through the NRA makes them complicit in both the mass shootings and the daily epidemic of gun violence. As a parent, I’m heartsick and angry that our society now traumatizes even our youngest children by making them do active shooter drills at school. I’ve written about all of this many times before given the terrifying frequency of mass and daily shootings in the U.S. and the scale of the overall gun violence epidemic. Read Full Article

From Sojo


Scotland just became the first country to declare a climate emergency.

If there was ever a time to panic about climate change, it would be now. Temperatures have demonstrably risen over the past decades, and in October, the United Nations warned that we only had 12 (now 11) years until climate change becomes irreversible. It’s clear that we should have taken action a long time ago, but at this point, we have to effect change ASAP. Luckily, some countries are starting to realize this—like Scotland. Read Full Article

From Good Is

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