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The Difference Between Being Judgemental and Using Right Judgement

There is a fashionable indictment of Christian thought today given by its disgruntled critics: Christians are hypocritical and judgmental. The indictment arrives not only from critics but also Christianity’s constituents, and perhaps from there with more bluster. When will Christians learn to love the way Jesus did, exchange dogmatic rigidity and doctrinal correctness for a more lenient and relational way of living and make sure those outside the church know “what we are for” rather than “what we are against?” Read Full Article

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The World’s Most Common Serious Disease – that is Just Now Coming into Focus

The world is going blind. No, that’s not a metaphor. Myopia — the condition of being near-sighted — is perhaps the world’s fastest growing and most common serious medical condition. Right now, it affects approximately 2.5 Billion people. That’s up 100% since the year 2000, and it’s expected to grow to 5 Billion by 2050. Not only that, for today’s average myopes, their condition is getting far worse than it used to be for yesterday’s diagnosed counterparts. Read Full Article

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Being Pro-Life Means More Than Standing Against Abortion

Children with Down syndrome are born into a world in which their worth goes unnoticed at best, a world in which the majority of people continue to believe a person with Down syndrome is not worthy of life. This is tragic. There’s one more thing I wince at, but it’s not exactly easy to talk about. Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine


How Black Millennials Are Calling for a Theological Reformation

For nearly a decade, pollsters have been reporting the trend of disaffiliation with the church, particularly among millennials. This shift is playing out in the black church, though the rates of disaffiliation and eschewing overall spirituality are less pronounced. Black millennials are more likely to pray and believe that a higher power exists than other races, but a steady percentage of black millennials are still disengaging — and they are not returning to the church as they age. Instead, they are finding new ways and places where they can be free to stand in their identity. Read Full Article

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What will a Jones Act Waiver mean for Puerto Rico’s 100% renewable energy goal?

Will Puerto Rico have to keep up with the Joneses — by which, of course, we mean the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, a.k.a. the Jones Act? That’s the question with which President Donald Trump is currently grappling, and it could have major implications for the U.S. territory’s goal of a 100 percent renewable future. Read Full Article

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