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A nine-year-old girl asked Steph Curry why his shoes aren’t available in girls’ sizes and his response was surprising. 

Nine-year-old Riley Morrison from Napa, California is a huge basketball fan. She roots for the Golden State Warriors and her favorite player is three-time NBA champion Steph Curry. Morrison loves to play basketball so she went online to pick up a pair of Curry’s Under Armour Curry 5 shoes, but there weren’t any available in the girls’ section of the site. But instead of resigning herself to the fact she wouldn’t be able to drive the lane in a sweet pair of Curry 5’s, she wrote a letter to the man himself. Read Full Article

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The Deeper Meaning of Advent Can’t Be Ignored

“I’ve never looked forward to Advent as much as this year,” a pastor friend recently said to me. With ongoing news of global tensions and suffering many of us feel tired and off kilter. As Christians, we remind ourselves that “God is still on his throne.” But as the world brims with heartbreak, it’s easy to wonder, “Has God has taken a hiatus? Is God really in control?” In the weeks before Christmas, many of us set up a wreath and light candles in anticipation of Jesus’ birth. Advent, the Latin word for “arrival,” reminds us that God stepped into human flesh. Emmanuel. God is with us and for us. Read Full Article

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How to Cope When Other People Let You Down

My adult daughter and I have a “no guilt” pact. Although we do our best to stay in touch regularly, sometimes life gets in the way, and we go for a long time without calling or sending a text. When she first left home to take up a new job in London (around 200 miles away), we’d often spend our first few minutes of a call apologizing for not being in touch. So, we agreed on our pact. Read Full Article

From Busted Halo


The Suffering We Scroll Past

Just about every minister I know is searching for a way to unite their community. It’s not hard to see why. America’s trend of polarization continues unabated as the general political opinions of conservatives and liberals have drifted farther apart. Over the years, I’ve witnessed fellow ministers attempt to hold congregants together by finding common ground around the latest tragedy to make national headlines. Hardly a week goes by without a natural disaster, a mass shooting, an immigration crisis, an African American harmed by police. Read Full Article

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An Inescapable Contrast

George Herbert Walker Bush was a man and a political leader that most everybody liked, if you listen to all the reflections about the 41st president of the United States who died last Friday. “One of the nicest and most decent men I ever knew,” testified leaders from across the political spectrum, “a person with genuine character and dignity.” The thousands of personal notes and thank-you cards he wrote to people, especially those in difficult situations, showed his deep feelings of empathy and compassion. Many say he was clearly guided guided by moral and religious principles. I have been especially struck by how many people have spoken about his characteristic humility throughout his career as one of the most powerful leaders of the most powerful nation in the world. Read Full Article

From Sojo

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