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Nike Signs First Professional Athlete with Cerebral Palsy: Who Is Runner Justin Gallegos?

Nike has signed Justin Gallegos as the sportswear brand’s first professional athlete with cerebral palsy — and a new video shows the emotional moment that the runner got the news. In Elevation 0m’s video, Douglass says to a group of runners, “I just wanted to share something with you guys. One of your teammates has been working pretty hard the last couple years, and Nike has recognized that. So today I am giving him the Nike contract [to be an] official Nike athlete.” Read Full Article

From People Magazine


How 5 Catholic Nuns Are Propelling India’s #ChurchToo Movement

For about two weeks in September, five nuns protested outside the courthouse in Kochi, a city in the southern state of Kerala in India. Faith leaders in India have protested many issues over the centuries, but this is the first time in recorded history that Catholic nuns have taken to the streets to demand justice and seek action against abuse by a superior. Read Full Article

From Sojo


Fact: NASA Takes The Best Before-and-After Photos. Here Are 10 of Them

NASA satellites continually monitor the Earth, snapping photos and sending information to researchers on the ground. Most of the time, things seem to be more or less the same as they were the day before, but the Earth is constantly changing. Sometimes it changes through discrete events, like landslides and floods. Other times, long-term trends, such as climate change, slowly reshape the land in ways that are difficult to see. By zooming way out, we can get a new perspective of the events that have changed the Earth. Read Full Article

From Good


The Most Damaging Attitude in Our Churches

It was an attitude I learned in Church, and I used to believe it was a strength. I thought I was simply a critical thinker, full of constructive insights. My husband and I shared a “gift for reflection” and spun many conversations around what we considered to be compelling observations about what the Church and other people were doing wrong and what they could do better. Never mind the fact that our tips were not actually being presented to those we believed would benefit from them. At least we saw the problems, right? Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine


3 Reasons You Should Vote (Even If You Don’t Want To)

With less than two weeks to go in one of the ugliest campaigns in American history, it’s easy to want to quit, stay home on Election Day, and do literally anything else. There’s a good chance you’re not thrilled about any of your choices on the ballot. But let’s be clear—we absolutely cannot opt-out of this election. Here’s why: Read Full Article

From Busted Halo

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