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Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor 

It seems like busy is a badge of honor we wear with pride these days. “How’s your week been?” Busy. “How’s work?” Busy. “How’s life?” Busy, but that’s a good thing… right? Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine


3 Ways to Keep the Faith This School Year

“…That’s why I’m going to do everything within my power to give him the firm foundation he needs to resist peer pressure, navigate relationships with friends, encounter different worldviews, or simply try to live out his faith in the classroom and on the playground. Here’s my plan to do just that…” Read Full Article

From Busted Halo


Native Superheroes Are The Norm At This All-Indigenous Comics Store

Pueblo Jones is out on a mission to track down Indigenous artifacts that were stolen through colonization. His adventure-filled quests won’t stop until he has reclaimed the objects and returned them to their rightful owners: the communities where they were taken from. This Indiana Jones-esque tale comes from the mind of Lee Francis, an educator, writer, publisher, and bookstore owner with roots in the Laguna Pueblo tribe of New Mexico. Francis wants to subvert the stereotypical depictions of indigenous peoples through the creation and support of Native American comics. Read Full Article

From Good



“Living here in Vancouver, where we are looking to a future of intensifying forest fires and a sea without orcas, I don’t think I am unique in looking to the past for illumination and inspiration. Probably my best source of Vancouver settler history is my aunt, who moved to the city in 1920 when she was seven years old…” Read Full Article

From The Dark Mountain Project


Top 30 Book Covers of 2017

Take a look at some of our favourite cover designs from the last year! Read Full Article

From Rain Coast

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