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Michael Ketterer – How Adoption Changed His Life 

Almost three months ago, Michael Ketterer stood on the stage in front of a panel of judges auditioning for America’s Got Talent. Michael’s wife Ivey, his daughter and his five sons stood in the wings as Michael sang a raw, soulful version of the Bee Gees’ To Love Somebody, but if you had described the scene to him years earlier, he never would’ve believed it. “I definitely didn’t feel like we were qualified to have a child, especially me…As a matter of fact, when we found out [my wife was] pregnant, we both cried.” Read Full Article

From iamsecond


The Humanitarian Crisis No One Is Talking About: Somaliland

Somaliland occupies a unique place in world diplomacy. Though it’s located within the borders of Somalia, the country operates independently, with its own currency, government of elected officials, military and self-declared border. But despite its decades of independence and more than four million residents, Somaliland is not recognized by most the world—including the United States. It also doesn’t have enough representation within the United Nations for its crisis to be recognized. Read Full Article

From Relevant Magazine


What Does Wildfire Smoke Mean for the People Who Breathe It?

This summer, a smokestorm rolled through the West. The sun took on an eerie orange hue as lungs burned and mountains disappeared. Campaigns were launched to throw rocks at the smoke or blow it away with a thousand humming fans. This gloomy end to summer will happen more frequently thanks to climate change.  Read Full Article

From Grist


If They Die of an Overdose, Drug Users Have a Last Request

On Aug. 31, thousands of drug users across the country sign their names to a sort of last will and testament, requesting that prosecutors not file homicide charges against their loved ones. Read Full Article

From Yes!Magazine


GO Homes are Predesigned, Prefabricated, Passivhaus and Possibly Perfect

GO Home brings the process of building a new home up to date. Our predesigned, prefabricated houses join spatial elegance and traditional craft with precision manufacturing and industry-leading performance, delivering the design and construction quality of the finest custom homes, but faster and less expensively. Read Full Article

From Tree Hugger

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