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How to Carry the Meaning of Holy Week Through the Best of the Year

Holy Week celebrates more than a historical event from more than 2,000 years ago. It’s also a powerful invitation for us to make every week of our lives a holy one. I truly believe that “the evidence of God exists in the roundness of things.” Going forward after Easter, we’re called to embrace this wholeness in all parts of our lives. May we be watchful and hopeful with Easter eyes…Read Full Article

From busted halo


Hot Agnostic Buns: A Proposal For A Pagan- Christian- Secular Easter Treat

It’s no secret that Easter, a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, has deep ties to ancient pagan rituals celebrating the renewal of spring…Read Full Article

From npr


Why You Should Care About Eastern Ghouta And What You Can Do To Help

The scenes of destruction playing out in the Syrian Enclave of Eastern Ghouta- recently described by a top United Nations official as “ hell on Earth” — have drawn concern and outrage around the world, but for those not following the increasingly complicated Syrian conflict closely, the situation may be confusing…Read Full Article

From busted halo


Can Not Shaving My Legs Be a Revolutionary Act Against the Patriarchy?

“Does America have to be hit in the gut with a catastrophic disaster like 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, or, more recently Hurricane Irma, for love to unconditionally surpass hate?”…Read Full Article

From yes!magazine


Eating fried potatoes twice a week associated with increased risk of early death

From treehugger

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