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Your feminist shirt means nothing if it was made in a sweatshop

Eighty percent of garment workers are young women between 18 and 24. They are overworked, underpaid, and abused. That’s where the real female empowerment needs to start…Read Full Article

From treehugger


10 Keys to open up your mind

Freeing your thinking has surprising benefits. Here’s how to get started.…Read Full Article

From Ucobserver


The Journey or the Destination?

s it the journey or the destination that matters most in our quest of enlightenment? Which one of these should be our aspiration? Is the pot of gold in the journey, or the destination? Is it a foolish man who revels in the journey, not paying attention to the all-important destination, thus losing his way, or is the illusion thinking that a destination even exists? Every person mighty or feeble, at one point or another in their journey, will debate the implications of these two words…Read Full Article

From Spiritual Experiences


The real value of garage sales

“Does America have to be hit in the gut with a catastrophic disaster like 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, or, more recently Hurricane Irma, for love to unconditionally surpass hate?”…Read Full Article

From U.S. Catholic Faith in Real Life


Everything you need to know about the ‘DIY vaccine’ against illness

The CDC says this is one of the very best ways to avoid getting sick…and it is easier than you think …Read Full Article

From treehugger

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