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‘America’s Pastor’ Billy Graham Dies At 99

Billy Graham, the most famous minister of his era, died Wednesday at his home in Montreat, N.C., spokesman Todd Shearer tells NPR. In his 99 years, Graham changed the face of evangelical Christianity in America…Read Full Article

From npr


Does Christianity Matter?

What’s gotten me thinking about Jesus more and more these days is the example set by Christian leaders like Pope Francis or the Rev. Dr. William Barber, who are determined to put the moral teachings of the gospels into unambiguous action, to comfort the afflicted and oppressed when our mainstream culture increasingly does not. It would be presumptuous, from my position of reserve, to make sweeping declarations about what Christianity needs.…Read Full Article

From Sojourners


Rescued gorilla and her caretaker win Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award

While we may be more accustomed to images of animals in their natural habitat claiming wildlife photography prizes; this year things look a little different. The people have spoken and a photo of a lowland gorilla and her human friend has won the People’s Choice award at the London Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year….Read Full Article

From treehugger


Why You Need A Christian Education Leadership Team in Your Church

January 29, 2018—If there’s one thing to learn from lone rangers, it’s that communal congregational life cannot be healthy and effective when one, two, or a few people run the show with agendas that do not consider the overall educational life of the congregation. This is why congregations need an education leadership team whose responsibility is to plan, coordinate, and oversee the educational life of the congregation…Read Full Article

From Columbia Theological Seminary


What Makes Hardened Atheists Believe in God?

Almost everyone will encounter a rigid atheist at some point. This kind of person rejects even the most compelling apologetics and is unpersuaded by the classic arguments for God’s existence. He or she dismisses everything colored with religious rhetoric and bristles at anything smacking even remotely of the pulpit. Yet, thanks to the internet and evangelization ministries, we can hear the encouraging testimonies of such people who have come to know God…Read Full Article

From Word on Fire

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