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Out with the new…

In Wood Lake’s author, Lee Simpson’s book, My Year of Buying Nothing, Simpson invites readers into her world to witness first hand the struggles she faced, the decisions and compromises she had to make, and the epiphanies and wisdom she won during her year-long attempt to shed her “consumer” skin and live a more sustainable, more authentic, more earth-friendly life. Likewise in this weeks article, David Cain wrote about an idea that struck a chord with his readers — to dedicate a year to “Go Deeper, Not Wider.”…Read Full Article

From cbc


Fake news is the work of the devil- Pope Francis

From RNS


Have smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

I’ve been researching generational differences for 25 years, starting when I was a 22-year-old doctoral student in psychology. Typically, the characteristics that come to define a generation appear gradually, and along a continuum. Beliefs and behaviors that were already rising simply continue to do so. Millennials, for instance, are a highly individualistic generation, but individualism had been increasing since the Baby Boomers turned on, tuned in, and dropped out. I had grown accustomed to line graphs of trends that looked like modest hills and valleys. Then I began studying Athena’s generation. Around 2012, I noticed abrupt shifts in teen behaviors and emotional states…Read Full Article

From the Atlantic


Airy chapel held up by tree-like fractal structure in Japan

In Nagasaki, this striking modern chapel by Yu Momoeda Architecture Office readapts these old joinery traditions to create a spiritually uplifting space that’s also visually abstract, thanks to a load-bearing, fractalized structure that dominates the interior…Read Full Article

From treehugger


My Grandmother Was Italian. Why Aren’t my Genes Italian?

Maybe you got one of those find-your-ancestry kits over the holidays. You’ve sent off your awkwardly-collected saliva sample, and you’re awaiting your results. If your experience is anything like that of me and my mom, you may find surprises — not the dramatic “switched at birth” kind, but results that are really different from what you expected…Read Full Article

From Npr

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