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Seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls

The discovery in 1947 of ancient biblical manuscripts in a rugged cave near the Dead Sea triggered a scholarly detective project that continues to this day. In the early 1950s, Rev. R.B.Y. Scott, a United Church minister and academic, participated in some of the initial excavations, as well as efforts to reclaim fragments that had fallen into the hands of antiquities dealers. Sixty years ago this month, Scott wrote this story about one of the Qumran caves that had yielded a trove of text fragments...Read Full Article

From ucobserver


‘I will forever be an American Soldier’

No one knows for sure how many transgender people have served in America’s armed forces, or are currently in uniform. But on July 26, President Donald Trump made it clear that he does not believe they should be allowed to serve “in any capacity”…Read Full Article

From Time


Researcher decodes prairie dog language, discovers they’ve been talking about us

After more than 25 years of studying the calls of prairie dog in the field, one researcher managed to decode just what these animals are saying. And the results show that praire dogs aren’t only extremely effective communicators, they also pay close attention to detail…Read Full Article

From treehugger


Scientists, Theologians Ponder If Latest Biological Findings Are More Compatible With Religion

When Charles Darwin published his landmark theory of evolution by natural selection in the 19th century, religious leaders were confronted with a powerful challenge to some of their oldest beliefs about the origins of life…Read Full Article

From soujourners


Moving On

Philippians 3:13-14

These verses, part of a letter to the Philippians, were written by the apostle Paul while he was in prison. Can you imagine having such a positive attitude while in a place like that? Such an inspiration!…Read Full Article

From marjabergen

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