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Have a Little Faith

Let me begin my story with an unimportant fact—I love butterflies. You are probably wondering what butterflies have to do with faith, but to explain that I will have to start at the beginning…Read Full Article

From The Guided Mediation


What’s Under the Microscope Can Lead to Worship

In this sense, our place of work can be a crucible where a Christian’s worship of God is refined. For Hardin that is the laboratory, and he has not lost his delight at the wonders he sees. Hardin has been involved in campus ministry since he was an undergraduate and even went as far as studying divinity before deciding that his place is actually in the lab. Now he tries to help the students in his classes to appreciate the wonder of the things they are studying…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Device that harvests energy from human motion could be seamlessly integrated into clothing

Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of devices that convert the energy in our movements into electricity. The devices could be embedded into shoes, our phones, sidewalks and more. The idea of futuristic, electricity-generating clothing, whether solar powered or human powered, has also been around for a while, but so far the concepts have remained just that — concepts…Read Full Article

From treehugger


Don’t Believe in God? Maybe You’ll Try U.F.O.s

There is reason to doubt the death of religion, or at least the death of what you might call the “religious mind” — our concern with existential questions and our search for meaning. A growing body of research suggests that the evidence for a decline in traditional religious belief, identity and practice does not reflect a decline in this underlying spiritual inclination…..Read Full Article

From nytimes


The Enduring Legacy Of Jane Austen’s ‘Truth Universally Acknowledged’

The clause with “It is a truth universally acknowledged” implies that’s only what most people say they believe — after all, if everybody really does accept it, why bother to mention the fact? …Read Full Article

From npr

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