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Who Gave Jesus His Halo?

Who gave Jesus his halo — how did he have it in the first place? Do we just presume God?Read Full Article

From BustedHalo


Science Teachers Turned Their Classroom Into a Study About The Best Way To Fight Fake News

In a time when fake news has become “a game of Whack-a-Mole,” popping up on a variety of media platforms while duping audiences of all political affiliations, teaching young people to discern the difference between what is or isn’t reliable information has become an unusually difficult, and urgent, challenge. Fortunately, a new study published in the journal Science and Education has brought renewed hope to a classic skillset: critical thinking…Read Full Article

From Good


Heroic dog braves Long Island Sound to rescue baby deer

We all know people who wouldn’t hesitate to dive into the water to rescue an animal in need; but how many dogs do you know that would do the same?…Read Full Article

From treehugger


Artificial Sweeteners Are Linked to Weight Gain—Not Weight Loss

Artificial sweeteners might seem like a low- or no-calorie way to enjoy sweet food and not gain weight. But a new study links them to the opposite…..Read Full Article

From Time


Jehovah’s Witnesses Remain Banned as Russia Rejects Appeal

With all three judges siding on Monday with Russia’s Ministry of Justice, the April 20 ruling to liquidate the Witnesses’ centers and criminalize their worship stands—despite desperate pleas from members of the faith and religious freedom advocates….Read Full Article

From Christianity Today

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