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Worried about the planet? Avoid that extra kid

Enough with the cloth bags, LED light bulbs, and recycling bins! It’s time for some straight-talk on which actions really make a difference when it comes to mitigating climate change. Canadian researchers have delved into this question, compiling a list of the most commonly suggested “green” behavior changes, as found in high school science textbooks and government documents….Read Full Article

From Treehugger


How Jesus Discipled Women

Among the hierarchies Jesus overturned was the gender-based hierarchy dominating life in Israel. He showed his followers a radically different way of relating to women…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Scientists Make a Breakthrough in Teleportation

Chinese researchers teleported a photon from Earth1 to a satellite in orbit more than 500 kilometers above. While this isn’t quite in the realm of “beam me up, Scotty,” and we are not teleporting humans just yet, the scientific breakthrough is a significant step forward in developing quantum technology…Read Full Article

From big think


Editorial: Reconsidering “Civil Religion”

What if religious communities are the best hope for renewing liberal democracy? Both secular liberals and (at least a subset of) Christian theologians seem to agree: something called “civil religion” got us in this mess…Read Full Article

From Cardus


Your Chocolate Might Have Survived This Fungus in Ecuador

Half of all cacao grown in Ecuador is ruined by a disease called frosty pod rot. But farmers, exporters, and chocolate-makers are finding sustainable ways to combat it…Read Full Article

From yes!magazine

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