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Many faces, one humanity

Using techniques that were unimaginable a generation ago, geneticists have bridged the chasm between biology and anthropology, and in doing so have effectively proved that the genetic endowment of humanity is a single continuum. We are all brothers and sisters. Race is an utter fiction. Virtually every human alive is a descendant of a relatively small number of individuals who walked out of Africa some 60,000 years ago and then, on a journey that lasted 40,000 years — some 2,500 generations — carried the human spirit to every corner of the habitable world. …Read Full Article

From ucobserver


What the Enneagram Can Teach Us About Beloved Community

In a season of doubt and yearning for God, I discovered the transformative power of the Enneagram.…Read Full Article

From sojourners


In rural Canada, churches that once shunned one another open their hearts to Syrian refugees

A year and a half ago, three churches put aside theological differences and came together to sponsor the resettlement of three Syrian refugee families to this town of 8,500…Read Full Article

From rns


How Should We Pray for Grandpa? And Other Big Questions

A great blog written by Wood Lake author Laura Alary.

The planet has a pretty good system for moving its water around – it’s been doing it for a very long time. But we humans think we have better ideas for what to do with water, so we go and move things around and make dams and canals and reservoirs and other objects of infrastructure to supply our never-ending needs.

All of the following churches have been intentionally drowned. But as drought and deluge persist, the structures emerge and sink in cadence with the whims of nature, providing an eerie foreshadowing for what the future of this planet may hold…Read Full Article

From The Hub


Who Has The Healthiest Hearts in the World?

No matter how much you exercise, how much kale you eat and how many cigarettes you avoid, heart disease is inevitable. Eventually everyone’s arteries will harden up with some calcium plaque as they age, Thomas thought, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Now a group of farmers in Bolivia have blown that theory out of the water, Thomas says….Read Full Article

From npr

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