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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


From Kennel to Courtroom

A legal bid to save 21 former fighting dogs from being euthanized is part of a growing movement to grant animals some of the same rights as humans…Read Full Article

From ucobserver


The 1 Word That Gets Every Single Millennial in Trouble

We want to enjoy our journey. We want to make an impact, yes on something bigger than ourselves but also within our daily lives as well. It’s not the thing itself (that’s where everybody gets confused). It’s how it’s done that we care about.…Read Full Article

From Inc.


Use Breath As a Diagnostic Device

Imagine finding out what’s making you feel sick just by breathing. That idea is the goal of a new technology that researchers are saying can detect 17 different diseases just by “smelling” a patient’s breath…Read Full Article

From theheartysoul


Is Your Workplace Hiding Talent?

The film brought home how much has changed since the 1960s when the U.S. was in a race against Russia to be the first to the moon – and how much has stayed the same. And, aside from a touch of romance and some truly fabulous outfits – we seriously need to bring back those silhouettes and patterns from the 60s – the movie offered three obvious lessons related to diversity in the workplace….Read Full Article

From Linkedin


Ted’s incredible journey: SPCA dog escapes, treks across town to find woman who fed him treats

This is the love story of Ted and Abbey — a shelter dog that escaped and trekked across the city to find the kennel worker who had fed him some cheese-flavoured bacon strips…Read Full Article

From CBC News

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