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10 beautiful ice skating trails in Canada

In recent years there has been a shift toward outdoor skating and getting out of the arenas that feature prominently in every Canadian town and city. Many communities have built ice skating loops or trails, which have become very popular. These give non-hockey-playing skaters something more to do than circle a rink (although that’s fun, too)…Read Full Article

From treehugger


Youth Group, Teens, Smartphones…What’s the Answer?

Technology use among teens has continued to increase, posing a challenge to those who are tasked with breaking into their world – socially, emotionally, educationally, or spiritually. In order to engage, we must better understand why teenagers are drawn to this technology, both as it is integrated into their lives for online socialization, and integrated into their lives when they encounter people in real life.…Read Full Article

From building faith


Scientists discover new organ in the digestive system

Researchers have identified what they are calling a brand new organ inside the human body.

It’s called the mesentery and it’s found within the digestive system where the gut connects to the body…Read Full Article

From CTV News


Finding Sacred Spaces in Everyday Life

Max Weber, the German sociologist saw the modern world as a lifeless system of technology and bureaucracy that gave up on its spiritual roots. Calculation and efficiency drove the spirits to the hills. “Not summer’s bloom lies ahead of us,” he wrote more than 100 years ago, “but rather a polar night of icy darkness.”…Read Full Article

From acculturated


Finding Poetry in Ministry

The church is lagging behind our culture in the opportunity to provide pastoral care to those with creative impulses. An institution steeped in tradition and structure is often at odds with a free-thinker or those who do not conform or fit in comfortably…Read Full Article

From Princeton Theological Seminary

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