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Christmas Tree

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Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees started with medieval plays. Dramas depicting biblical themes began as part of the church’s worship, but by the late Middle Ages, they had become rowdy, imaginative performances dominated by laypeople and taking place in the open air. The plays celebrating the Nativity were linked to the story of creation—in part because Christmas Eve was also considered the feast day of Adam and Eve. Thus, as part of the play for that day, the Garden of Eden was symbolized by a “paradise tree” hung with fruit”….Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Why Celebrate the Christian Year?

The Christian year is an ancient pattern of seasons and festivals by which congregations and individuals immerse themselves in the story of God’s saving love through Jesus Christ. This way of keeping time is sometimes called the liturgical year or church calendar. I prefer the name “Christian year” because it helps us remember the central focus—patterning our lives according to the great mystery of our faith: “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.” Following the Christian year isn’t about fulfilling liturgical righteousness or organizing church programs; it’s about ordering our time in such a way that we grow more and more each day as Jesus’ disciples…Read Full Article

From Advocater


A Story Still Unfolding

If we think of the Advent/Christmas story as an accounting of events that took place over 2,000 years ago, culminating in the birth of Jesus, then yes, I suppose we do know how it ends. But is that really all it’s about?….Read Full Article

From ucobserver


What’s the greenest kind of Christmas tree?

We’re still trying to save the trees. But get this: Cutting down a wild pine (or spruce, or fir — whatever you like to put under your LED star topper) can actually be beneficial to the ecosystem if you do it the proper way…Read Full Article

From grist


The Curious Link Between Delayed Gratification, Kindness, And Good Health

During the Christmas season, attending well-laden Christmas parties bursting with calorie rich treats or getting just “one more gift” to  make the one(s) we love happy it may seem that self-control is in short supply…But the ability to delay gratification remains an important skill…Read Full Article

From good.is

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