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Ocean sharks

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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


You Really Can’t Imagine How Deep The Ocean Is

Since we live above ground, it’s pretty easy for us to wrap our heads around the notion of height. We, as people, have height, buildings have (more) height, and mountains dwarf those buildings as the highest points on Earth. We look around all day and see height, so even the highest point on our planet, Mt. Everest, is something we can understand because we’re regularly used to seeing things jutting out of the ground and horizon.

But when it comes to depth, especially the depth of oceans, we’re much more likely to smile and nod without really having a sense of just how far down an ocean goes…Read Full Article

From good


These Churches Fought Domestic Poverty with the Gospel—and It Worked

In August, Christianity Today partnered with Deidox Films to debut The Ordinance, a documentary exploring churches’ efforts to fight predatory payday lenders. Many church leaders recognize the shameful practices of these lenders and seek to meet the needs of their church members while also fighting for justice on a legislative level. On the other side of the same coin, however, are churches attempting to fight poverty and prevent the situations that lead people to accept these loans…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It

“It’s frustrating that you can’t read the simplest word in the world.”…Read Full Article

From npr


The Evangelicalism of Old White Men Is Dead

As the election retreats like a hurricane heading back out to sea, first responders are assessing the damage left in its wake. One casualty is the reputation of evangelicalism…Read Full Article

From The New York Times


Vegans are furious that new British banknotes contain animal fat

The introduction of polymer cash hasn’t gone as smoothly as the Bank of England had hoped.

On November 28, the Bank of England admitted on Twitter that its new polymer banknotes are made with trace amounts of tallow, which is sourced from animal fat, usually cow, but sometimes pig…Read Full Article

From treehugger

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