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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


Should owners in supertall towers be charged for their views?

In Toronto, Gail Dexter Lord, a culture and museum planning consultant and co-prez of Lord Cultural Resources, has an interesting idea: monetize the views of cultural institutions like art galleries and museums…Read Full Article

From treehugger


Like Katy Perry, I broke up with the conservative evangelical project

In evangelical families like the one I grew up in, conservative meant good and liberal meant evil. We conservatives were on “God’s side,” and “they” were of the devil. That’s what many of us were taught and that’s what we believed. Many still believe it…Read Full Article

From rns


‘A Dangerous Situation’ As U.S.-Russia Tensions Spill Over To Nuclear Pacts

Just like a marriage gone bad, though, things have soured between Washington and Moscow. Bickering over nuclear issues has increased markedly in recent months, with each side accusing the other of cheating…Read Full Article

From npr


Died: Scholar Who Made the Bible Kid-Friendly

The late Lawrence O. Richards led churches to think about Christian education beyond Sunday school with his wildly popular Bibles for kids and youth. He died earlier this month at age 85. Richards’ kid-friendly revisions of the New International Version (NIV) include the jungle-themed Adventure Bible, which has sold more than 6 million copies to become the top children’s Bible in the world, and the Teen Study Bible, which sold more than 4 million copies…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Will God delay long?

In one  study, Levy looked at people’s attitudes about aging when they were in late middle age and then followed them over time. Some of these people thought of older people as weak or dependent. Others thought of them as experienced or wise. What she found was that the people who had a positive view of aging lived about 7 and half years longer than the people who saw aging in a negative light…Read Full Article

From MarkWhittall

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