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Jumping Teens

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The end of adolescence

The recent release of Wood Lake’s Talk Sex Today by renowned sexual health educators Meg Hickling & Saleema Noon has got us thinking how adolescence has changed…While adolescence once helped frame many matters regarding the teen years, it is no longer an adequate way to understand what is happening to the youth population. And it no longer offers a roadmap for how they can be expected to mature…Read Full Article

From aeon


One Simple Trick to Make Life Easier

I resolved to get into the habit of asking: how can I make this easier on myself? Rather than struggle into a certain yoga pose, I would look for the place of greatest ease, where I felt most supported but also most spacious. I didn’t collapse into any of the postures either—it turns out ease is shaped by support, and working on the strength of my foundation allowed me to find the space to not only be in certain poses, but actually enjoy them…Read Full Article

From spiritualityhealth


Out of This World: How Artists Imagine Planets Yet Unseen

Creating popular images to show what the planets might look like has become something of a cottage industry. The artists say this work can drive home the idea that these planets truly exist — but, still, some people worry that the public might get the wrong idea…Read Full Article

From npr


Has anyone kept their faith in Christianity?

new report says that those who identify as having “no religion” (“Nones”) outnumber Christians in England and Wales. While Christians (Anglicans, Catholics and others) made up 43.8% of the population, the Nones represented 48.5%, almost double the 25% describing themselves this way in the 2011 census.

While obviously there are also other religions, the report (“Contemporary Catholicism in England and Wales” by Stephen Bullivant, due to be launched in the House of Commons next week) focuses on the rising indifference towards Christianity, and the failure of the churches to retain people who were brought up as Christians – a switch also reflected in statistics from Scotland and, to a lesser extent, Northern Ireland…Read Full Article

From the guardian


Big debate about Shakespeare finally settled by big data: Marlowe gets his due

For many, many years, scholars have wondered whether William Shakespeare’s plays were actually written by Shakespeare, or at least if they were written solely by the man we now colloquially refer to as the Bard…Read Full Article

From Washingtonpost

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