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Alien Space

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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


Scientists Looking For Alien Life Investigate ‘Interesting’ Signal From Space

They aren’t saying it’s alien, but they are saying it’s “interesting.”

The SETI Institute — the private organization that looks for signals of extraterrestrial life — has announced that it is investigating reports of an unusual radio signal picked up by Russian astronomers…Read Full Article

From npr


Fearless Faith in a Time of Forgetting

The paradoxical pairing of nostalgia and forgetfulness are everywhere in today’s American culture: Trump supporters who want to “make America great again,” one shocking @realDonaldTrump tweet at a time; hipsters who want grandpa’s vintage manliness without his Eisenhower-era values; movie fans who love period films but can’t remember the best-picture winner from last year.

Then there’s this particularly widespread memory lapse: We say we want a good society with morally upright citizens, but we forget the significant role Christians play, and have played for millennia, in the world’s flourishing. It’s something Christians themselves are forgetting. Many are increasingly embarrassed, self-loathing, and viciously infighting. At times, they’re more vocal on blogs and Twitter about the alleged good-for-nothing horribleness of Christians than the most ardent atheist…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Test Of Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug Finds Progress Against Brain Plaques

An experimental drug dramatically reduced the toxic plaques found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, a team reports in the journal Nature.

Results from a small number of patients who received a high dose of the drug, called aducanumab, hint that it may also be able to slow the loss of memory and thinking…Read Full Article

From npr


The Future of the Church is Becoming Clear (Almost)

Keith Howard, former executive director of the Emerging Spirit project, writes about the future of The United Church of Canada.

At the risk of sounding naïve, the shape of The United Church of Canada, in my corner of the continent, seems to be emerging from the fog generated by massive cultural shifts…Read Full Article

From The United Church of Canada


Know What You Write

Every once in a while the following advice pops up in blogs and at writers’ conferences like a bad rash.

Write what you know…Read Full Article

From The US Review

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