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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


Revenge of the goldfish! Dumped pets growing into giant monsters

Who doesn’t love the idea of releasing the poor goldfish, who has spent his life swimming around in bowl-shaped circles, into the great wet wild?

The problem is that the domestic goldfish, Carassius auratus, will grow to be as big as its resources allow.

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From Treehugger


An Olympian Who Just Died Tragically In Rio Has Already Saved Four Lives

If there was an Olympic medal for posthumous accomplishments, Stefan Henze would surely take home the gold. The 35-year-old German canoe slalom coach died tragically in Rio after a car crash last week. However, the 2004 Athens Olympics silver medal winner was also a registered organ donor. Read Full Article

From Good Sports


An Inconvenient Conclusion

Although I understand the frustration, disgust and anger, I don’t think that gives us license to opt out of the process. Democracy is not meant to be a spectator sport. Casting a vote every four years, perhaps every two years, is the requirement of a vibrant democratic process.

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From United Church of Christ


Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Wants God’s Light to Shine Through Her

Hernandez attributes her positive personality and success to her Christian faith. She told Campus Crusade for Christ International, “I feel that everyday God molds me into someone that he wants me to be.

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From Patheos


Justice Department Will Stop the Use of Private Prisons

The U.S. Justice Department will stop using private prisons after concluding that they do not have the same level of safety or quality as penitentiaries run by the Bureau of Prisons.

Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates sent a memo on Thursday that said officials must not renew — or at least must significantly scale back — their contracts with private prisons. The move would cut back the country’s reliance on privately run prisons until they are out of service, the Washington Post reports.

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From Time

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