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The Dinner Table Taboo Americans Would Rather Break

Of the two subjects most likely to be banned from the dinner table, most Americans would rather talk about politics than God. Yet Christians are split on whether they want more spiritual conversations or fewer ones, and whether they have more to share or learn during such chats…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


Why Hope Has Power in This Gut-Wrenching Election Year

Hope about American politics is hard to come by.

Disapproval ratings of both major-party candidates are higher than we’ve seen in decades. Millions are livid about Trump’s lies and let down by Hillary Clinton and her party’s now-exposed bashing of Bernie Sanders. All these responses seem to reflect the utter disillusionment of people across the political spectrum who feel shut out of a political system dominated by wealthy, special interests…Read Full Article

From Yes!magazine


Melting ice unleashes live anthrax from dead reindeer frozen since WWII

Ah, climate change. Say what you will about its causes or consequences, but one thing’s for sure. Higher temperatures have been melting ice, revealing curiosities that have been frozen for decades if not centuries or millennia. The latest horror-story-plotline come to life? “Anthrax spewing zombie deer,” as Bloomberg News  describes them, have emerged from thawing permafrost in northern Siberia, sparking an outbreak of the rare and deadly bacterial disease….Read Full Article

From Treehugger


From heat domes to rain bombs, climate change is changing how we talk about weather

The relationship between climate and weather is complex, but we do know that our changing climate is causing extreme weather events to crop up more often— and to describe these anomalies, we’ve coined some new words and dusted off a few obscure phrases. Here’s a guide to some of the terms we’ve been chattering about…Read Full Article

From grist


Clinton, Kaine Driven By Their Faith In The ‘Social Gospel’

Both major presidential candidates this year are Protestants. Both of their running mates were raised as Catholics. Beyond that, their faith profiles are very different. We dug into the faiths of the Democratic candidates …Read Full Article

From npr

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