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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


These Researchers Say It Only Takes One Crucial Step to Save Our Oceans

The Earth’s fifth mass extinction 65 million years ago wiped out the dinosaurs. Today’s sixth mass extinction, which is currently underway, is caused by humans. Twenty to 50 percent of all species will be extinct or committed to extinction within the next 35 years”…Read Full Article

From Good magazine


Instead of atheism, Canadian clergy choose alternative views of God

Rev. Gretta Vosper, the Christian clergywoman who writes books about her fervent atheism, has generated so many headlines in Canada’s secular media that it’s causing upheaval among clergy in her large denomination…Read Full Article

From Vancouver Sun


Oprah Endorses Hillary Clinton for President: ‘It’s About Time’

Winfrey said. “What this says is, there is no ceiling, that ceiling just went boom! It says anything is possible when you can be leader of the free world.”…Read Full Article

From Time


Researchers accidentally make water-oozing material that captures water from air

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) were attempting to make magnetic nanowires when by accident they created something far more interesting and promising. When inspecting their failed experiment with a vapor analysis instrument and high powered microscope they were astonished to see the carbon-rich nanorods oozing water whenever the humidity in the specimen holder was 50 to 80 percent.…Read Full Article

From treehugger


Bust the Myths about Refugees

Helping a person or family resettle in Canada after fleeing persecution and violence is a uniquely rewarding way to “welcome the stranger” and put faith into action. However, there are unfortunately many misconceptions about refugees and refugee sponsorship in Canada. We bust some of those myths here….Read Full Article

From WordPress

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