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Death of a King

“Cecil was shot not far from here,” says Godfrey, one of the camp’s managers and a longtime Zimbabwe safari veteran, pointing off in the direction of the railway tracks. I ask him about the intensity of the media storm, and why Cecil was so beloved. “We were spoiled. Cecil was right here. He would chase buffalo at the watering hole,” Godfrey remembers. “And on drives, he would lie right next to the jeep. He would even use the bumper as a scratching post. He was the perfect photographic lion.” But noting that trophy hunting is legal in Zimbabwe — and is, in fact, an important source of income for the local economy — Godfrey adds that the “dentist was blameless. He was sold a ruse. He was sold a lion hunt.” ”…Read Full Article

From ucobserver


President Obama Endorses Hilary Clinton

Two days after Hillary Clinton secured enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, President Obama endorsed Clinton on Thursday in a video. The two will campaign together next week in Wisconsin…Read Full Article

From npr


Five Tips for a Spiritual Summer

Summer is a time to reflect, relax and recollect. It can also be a spiritually isolating time because you are travelling or away from those who help you to grow spiritually…Read Full Article

From busted halo


The First Dedicated Arts & Wellbeing Island In Europe

Croatia is on the rise to becoming one of the hottest destinations for all music lovers in Europe. In taking on this title festival goers will now have the chance to get a taste of Croatia’s festival scene in a more laid back atmosphere. Nestled on the previously uninhabited island of Obonjan, it will become the first island in Europe to be solely dedicated to the arts, both cultural and wellbeing.…Read Full Article

From the culture trip


Questions that could get you deported

What color is the cover of the Bible? How many books are in the Bible? Who did Jesus raise from the dead, and which book can you find it in? These questions, among the nearly 20 questions in CT’s quiz below, have been asked of Christian converts from Islam who are applying for asylum in the United Kingdom. Wrong answers put them at a high risk of deportation. [Take the quiz yourself and see if you’d face the same fate.]…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today

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