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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


The 20 Happiest Countries on the planet

WIth global interest in using well-being as a way to look at the quality of human development, the first World Happiness Report was published in support of the 2012 United Nations High Level Meeting on Happiness and Well-Being. The World Happiness Report 2016 further strengthens the case that well-being should be an essential factor in how the world evaluates its economic and social development..…Read Full Article

From Treehugger


Patrick the Saint

Behind the fanciful legends of the fifth-century British missionary stands a man worthy of embellishment.…Read Full Article

From Christian Today


What Really Makes a Good Citizen?

There’s an old story about a blind man walking towards a well, and there’s a guy watching. If the blind man falls into the well, who gets the blame? The blind man? Or the guy who’s watching? Understanding what it means to be a true citizen makes the answer clear…Read Full Article

From Good


Religion’s Place in a Religiously Violent World

Why it’s significant that Rabbi Jonathan Sacks won the Templeton Prize. Committed religious people can agree, and when they disagree, they can do so in a civil way…Read Full Article

From Christianity Today


The next big thing in tech: The desktop computer (yes, really)

Poor internet connectivity, uncertain power supply and a simple lack of money have meant that billions have been locked out of the knowledge economy. Matt Dalio, CEO of Endless Computers, wants to change all of that with the first simplified, robust and affordable desktop aimed at emerging market consumers…Read Full Article

From CNN

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