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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


Man problems

It’s not easy to be male these days. It’s even tougher to talk about it…Read Full Article



Leading like Lydia

Do women plant churches differently than men? Emily Scott, pastor of St. Lydia’s in Brook­lyn (ELCA), was chatting with a group of church-planting women on Twitter. She wrote, “I’d be interested in hearing about methods for planting used by women.” When she exhausted her 140-character limit, she started another tweet. “I know the way I’ve planted church has been different from my male colleagues’ approach.” Other women on the stream concurred.…Read Full Article

From Christian Century


Arabian Gulf could become hell on Earth if we don’t lower emissions

There is an apocalyptic picture painted in a new study from the journal Nature Climate Change. According to the study’s authors, certain areas near the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea, including major cities, are in danger of becoming so hot and humid that by the end of the century, humans simply won’t be able to survive there anymore…Read Full Article

From Grist


New London bookstore celebrates paper books in tech-free, universal library

In this digital age of e-book readers , smartphones and tablets, it may seem that paper books will soon go the way of the dinosaur as outdated relics, rather than relevant icons of our times. Yet, despite e-readers gaining ground, many still prefer the soothing presence of a real book, rather than the dim glow of an electronic device…Read Full Article

From Treehugger


U.S. Researchers to Study a Lung Cancer Vaccine Developed in Cuba

One important Cuban medical advancement that U.S. doctors are excited to study is CimaVax, a lung cancer vaccine…Read Full Article


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