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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


If There Are No New Farmers, Who Will Grow Our Food?

Programs across the country are trying to make it easier for new farmers to get started and put down roots. Here’s why: There’s only one farmer under 35 for every six over 65. By 2030, one-quarter of America’s current farmers will retire…Read Full Article

From Yes!magazine


Flint Whistleblowers Who Exposed Their Poisoned Water: We’re Just Getting Started

Long before the state declared an emergency in Flint, Michigan, a pastor, a mother, and an attorney teamed up to reveal the state’s lies about their drinking water…Read Full Article

From Yes!magazine


Good news for kids

Illustrated Bibles and apps pull out all the stops to grab young people’s attention. But are they obscuring the message?…Read Full Article



Guess what? The oceans could completely evaporate into space

From time to time, we get a brief glimpse into Earth’s future — a massive glacier melts away, or a super storm floods a city we’ve always thought of as impregnable. We know that the world is changing, faster than ever, but it can be hard to imagine how it will all turn out millions of years from now…Read Full Article

From Grist


The lavish homes of American archbishops

Clearly, “lifestyles of the rich and religious” doesn’t cut it for Pope Francis. The pontiff has said it “breaks my heart” to see priests and nuns driving the latest-model cars. He’s blasted “airport bishops” who spend more time jet-setting than tending to their flocks. And he’s warned against church leaders who bear the “psychology of princes”…Read Full Article

From CNN

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