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Where Have All the Morals Gone, Long Time Passing

by Don Murray As we look around the world today, we can easily become depressed with all the dire happenings that degrade and threaten human life and the welfare of the planet. Governments, obsessed with power, disregard the welfare of their people. Corporations, clouded by greed, continue to pollute the environment, poison us with all […]

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Reversing the Last Supper

by Susan McCaslin I have in my head an image of people gathered around a table to dine and converse about the state of the world. Plato’s Symposium (or The Banquet), is a classical Greek dialogue depicting philosophers gathered to discuss the nature of love. The big paradigm in the west for a small group […]

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The End of Obedience

by Donna Sinclair I was raised, in the 1940s, to be polite. I was a good child, obedient for the most part, and well-mannered. When I tested raising my voice a bit in the late 1950s, my peers suggested I might want to stop being so loud or I would never get a boyfriend. I […]

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