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Mansion in black and white

Modesty – Fashion and a Way of Living

by Patty Berube I’ve been contemplating for a while about modesty. A lot of people think about modesty in terms of fashion. I really don’t like some of the current fashion where t-shirts and dresses aren’t in style unless you can see cleavage. But then again I wore mini-skirts and hot pants (oops, my age […]

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Mountain Landscape

Burnaby Mountain and the Practice of Satya

by Andy Sinclair Yoga, for me, is a path into spirituality. When I first began to study it, I learned about the eight limbs, or branches, of ashtanga yoga. That was interesting. However, I mostly wanted to learn about the third limb, asana – the postures. I loved being effortful and physical and it was […]

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Child sitting on rock

Connected to the Land

by Donna Sinclair A long long time ago I was a mystic. I remember it well. I was about five years old. We lived on an island in Lake Temagami. My father had placed me in the bow of the rowboat, and I trailed my hand in the water and understood that the lake and […]

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A Slingshot Full of Facts

by Donna Sinclair My book club was discussing Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath. It appears that young David won their famous battle because he understood and exploited his huge opponent’s glaring vulnerabilities. Contrary to centuries of story-telling, David only seemed to be at a disadvantage. In reality, Gladwell tells us, Goliath was just “too big […]

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Generous giving at food bank

Generosity – More than Sending Money

by Patty Berube I recently saw a very good commercial from a Thai insurance company entitled “Unsung Hero.” It features a man who, every day, helps a cart vendor move her cart over a curb, hangs a bunch of bananas on an elderly lady’s doorknob, moves a dried out plant under a stream of water […]

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A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to the Wildhorse Saloon…

By Michael Schwartzentruber I was walking to a party that was being held at the saloon as part of the recent Faith Forward 2014 Conference, in Nashville. I had just crossed an intersection about three blocks from the front door when a homeless guy who had been crouching by the side of a building asked […]

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Opinion: Who would Jesus discriminate against?

 by Susan McCaslin This posting originally appeared on The Vancouver Sun’s website at There has been much recent public debate about whether provincial law societies should recognize proposed law degrees issued by Trinity Western University, a private evangelical institution in Langley.The issue revolves around what I see asTWU’s clearly discriminatory “community covenant,” which students […]

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Group of teenagers sitting in classroom with raised hands.

Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Teacher

by Susan McCaslin Some serious teacher bashing is going on in British Columbia right now. Shelly Fralic, a journalist for the Vancouver Sun, recently exploited her personal issue of teachers parking their vehicles on a public street in front of her house as a means of arousing hatred against teachers for their “sense of entitlement.”¹ […]

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Faith Foreword

By Michael Schwartzentruber Question: When is a church school not like an iPhone? The question reminds me of one of those “surrealist” jokes I used to tell when I was about 12 years old. (Oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about… Okay, maybe you don’t, but there was a time […]

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Becoming Conscious

By Michael Schwartzentruber It’s a bit of a shock when you first walk in. An entire church, most incredibly the sanctuary, done completely in an Egyptian motif, from floor to ceiling, to stained glass, to pulpit and table. One can’t help but wonder what was going through the heads of the church planners who designed, […]

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