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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


Heavy rain causes deadly flood in central Europe

Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria are experiencing flooding of “historic proportions,” officials say. The BBC reports that Austria had the 7th wettest spring in about 150 years, saturating the ground and causing rivers to rise…Read Full Article

From Treehugger


Walmart fined $82 million for dumping poisons

Walmart doesn’t just scrimp on employee wages. It also scrimps on employee training, and that led to its workers dumping returned pesticides, bleach, and other hazardous products into the trash or sewer systems…Read Full Article

From Grist


My eyes behold the wonders

I spent most of my childhood in my bedroom comfortably hidden away from the tensions and anxieties of the 1950s. I loved to read and my eyes became very familiar with the rhythms of long hours of my turning pages while seated in my cozy chair…Read Full Article

From Spirituality & Practice


World’s first high-capacity flash charging electric bus system tops off charge in 15 seconds

Imagine a mass public transportation system capable of transporting people around the city without producing any local emissions, without requiring overhead power lines, and without any lengthy stops to recharge. Now stop imagining, because a new charging system for electric buses could make that a reality in the near future…Read Full Article

From Treehugger


Children survive Oklahoma tornado in elementary school bathroom

It was the regular tornado drill, the one Alexander Ghassimi and other children in Moore, Okla., learn in school: Get to an interior hallway, get down, cover up. Then a teacher who had been watching the progress of Monday’s storm outside Plaza Towers Elementary School came tearing down the hall, yelling to move as many children as possible into the girls’ bathroom, and 11-year-old Alexander knew this was no ordinary tornadoRead Full Article

From The Washington Post

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