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Oil Refinery

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Here’s what caught our eye this week!


As Exxon Cleans Oil Spill in Arkansas, Shell Pipeline Spills 700 Barrels in Houston

While clean up continues at the site of the Exxon oil pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, yesterday, an estimated 700 barrels of oil (or almost 30,000 gallons) were found to have leaked from the Shell oil West Colombia pipeline in Houston…Read Full Article

From Treehugger


Judge Awards $8,000 to a Man Who Got Stuck on Disney’s ‘Small World’ Ride

Jose Martinez won one for a lot of people today: A federal judge awarded the California man $8,000 in damages from Disneyland, after he had to sit in the “goodbye room”of the “It’s A Small World” ride for 30 minutes, while park officials repaired it…Read Full Article

From NPR: The Two-Way


Student Launches Free Café Serving Food Gathered From Dumpsters

As the cost of tuition, books and housing continue to rise, the college experience is often as much about learning to scrimp and save as it is about earning a degree. With that in mind, one Tufts University student has launched The Gleanor’s Kitchen, offering hungry patrons a variety of healthy meal options — for free…Read Full Article

From Treehugger


Improve Your Health through Face-to Face Connections

One definition of spirituality is the art of making connections. Separation is best avoided as a stumbling block to human flourishing. In an article in The New York Times, Barbara L. Frederickson points out the excessive use of digital screens as the post-modern habit of social connection. She reports on recent studies which have shown that the more attuned you are to others through face-to-face interpersonal conversation with them, the healthier you will be…Read Full Article

From Spirtuality & Practice


Rare TV Appearance for Turin Shroud

What may be the most famous religious relic of them all, the Turin Shroud, will make a rare appearance on Easter Saturday – on Italians’ TV screens…Read Full Article

From CNN: Belief Blog

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