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Path in the Winter

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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


My Cold, My Spiritual Teacher

It’s that time of year again. The cold and flu season is in full swing. It is amazing that we can put a remote controlled vehicle on Mars and probe the bottom of the deepest seas and still can’t cure the common cold…Read Full Article

From Spirituality & Practice


Canada’s Trapped Killer Whales Freed by Shifting Ice

For at least two days, the fate of a group of eleven killer whales seemed grim as they languished to stay alive, apparently trapped beneath an ice sheet along the frigid Canadian coast. But now, after a favorable shifting of ice cover, it appears that the weakened animals have been freed…Read Full Article

From Treeghugger


Coral Fights Back Against Warming Seas

In the world of coral reefs, most of the news is pretty gloomy. Rising ocean temperatures have led to massive die-offs from Indonesia to Florida; emissions-driven acidity could dissolve corals’ structure-building ability in 20 years; rising sea levels threaten…Read Full Article

From Grist


The Hunger Games Dominates People’s Choice Awards

The Hunger Games devoured the competition at the People’s Choice Awards, emerging the top victor with five trophies…Read Full Article

From CBC News


The Word for 2013: Moderation

I suggested a menu of moderation and urbanity. The two seem to go together…Read Full Article

From Treehugger

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