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Evolutionary Theology in Six Hundred and Forty Words or so…

by Bruce Sanguin This posting originally appeared on Bruce Sanguin’s blog Visit his blog for more postings, webinars, and podcasts on Evolutionary Christianity. I was once asked to write a piece describing evolutionary theology in six hundred words or less. I know, it’s ridiculous. But I gave it a shot anyway. Actually, I’ve expanded […]

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A family plants a tree

A Real Celebration of Earth Day

by Donna Sinclair In my own small way, I love to care for Mother Earth. Today I worked in my still-almost-bare front garden, pulling grass (where does it come from?) ignoring passing cars, envisioning summer. The lupines are just poking through, and the daylilies show their green tips everywhere. Soon the Oriental poppies will blast […]

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Vegetables stocked in a supermarket

Food Security and Sustainability

by Ross Smillie Last week, I went to a local meeting on Food Security. The meeting was a gathering of diverse people: farmers, restaurateurs, retailers, and community leaders. We ate a wonderful lunch prepared by a local restaurant which emphasizes locally grown food, and we talked about how we might contribute to greater food security […]

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Why should I bother with pastoral prayers?

by David Sparks I was going through one of my “Why should I bother with pastoral prayers?” phases recently when a voice deep inside me reminded me that it wasn’t me that was the issue here. The prayers offered on Sunday morning are for all the people of the church. It is their concerns, their […]

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Quarky Quanta and Singing Strings

by Susan McCaslin Some Reflections on Chapter 4 of my new book, Arousing the Spirit (Wood Lake Publishing). I borrowed the title of chapter 4 in Arousing the Spirit, “The Paradise Ear,” from an essay by Thomas Merton. In it Merton expresses how poetic vision recreates the world anew so that we become attuned to […]

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