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Here are some articles that we read this week.

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Here’s what caught our eye this week!


Can You Think?

Can you actually think? Of course. That’s what I do all day. My mind’s never at rest. Thoughts swim around like a giant bait ball of fish, without a pause. But is that thinking? Enneagram teacher and writer Russ Hudson said he can count on one hand… Read full article

From Beams and Struts


What Do You Mean by Poverty?

What are the best ways to fight poverty? It depends on what you mean by poverty. If we mean economic poverty as defined by macroeconomic growth, then we must realize such growth is often catalyzed by nonprofits—some who lead change, and many who partner… Read full article

From Christianity Today


Thousands Give Up Carbon for Lent

For many Christians, the 40-day period of fasting and reflection before Easter known as Lent is a chance to get in mental and spiritual shape. People give up chocolate; quit drinking or smoking; avoid meat; start reading… Read full article

From Yes!


Ethical Style: Where Do My Used Clothes Go?

Modern dressers buy new fashions faster than we ever have before. That leaves us with an uncomfortable predicament: Closets filled to the brim and nothing to wear. In order to make room, we pick through… Read full article

From GOOD Lifestyle


13 Awesome Green-Themed Apps For Your New iPad

While the “greenness” of the iPad is debatable, and there are lots of ways to avoid ever “needing” one, it can still be a really useful tool for living a sustainable life. From helping… Read full article

From Treehugger


Solar Storm Goes Easy On Earth — But More Are Sure To Come, NASA Says

The huge solar storm that NASA detected hurtling toward Earth hit our planet at 5:42 a.m. EST Thursday. So far, there have been no reports of major power or communications disruptions… Read full article

From The Two-Way


The rules for lady bicyclists, 1895 edition: ‘Don’t be a fright’

Brain Pickings has dug up a list of 41 “don’ts” for female bicyclists from an 1895 New York newspaper, and they are downright breathtaking in their amazingness. Here are some… Read full article

From Grist

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