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The Six Assets of an Activist

by Donna Sinclair A week or so ago, when Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver called environmental activists “radicals,” I seethed. He was talking about me, gardener, bread baker, Nana. I listed for my patient spouse all the ways that I am a true conservative, aiming to preserve the natural heritage Canada enjoys. My spouse nodded […]

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Laughing into Life

by Ellen Turnbull Back at home now after five full days of travel and stimulating and thoughtful conversation. I love Victoria and I always look forward to attending Epiphany Explorations, both for the sessions and workshops and for the energy of the city (not to mention the restaurants, shops, and Wildfire Bakery). I become aware […]

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Why Not Whirl?

by Bruce Sanguin This posting originally appeared on Bruce Sanguin’s blog Visit his blog for more postings, webinars, and podcasts on Evolutionary Christianity. Look! I Am a Whale [1] We live on the sun’s playground. Here, Everyone gets what they want. Sometimes the body of a beautiful woman, Sometimes the body of a beautiful […]

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Epiphany 2012: Context is Everything

by Ellen Turnbull Epiphany explorations. Aptly named. Exploring what words really mean when they are spoken. Marcus Borg tells us that context is everything. A hot babe on the beach, a hot day in August, a hot shot at the hockey rink. Same word, different meaning. So words spoken in a Mediterranean country in the […]

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Epiphany Explorations 2012: Meeting the Stranger, Face-to-Face

by Mike Schwartzentruber For the sixth year, I’m spending the third week of January at Epiphany Explorations, an annual event held at First Metropolitan United Church in Victoria, BC. This year, 650 souls are gathering – a big crowd to hear some big-name speakers, including Marcus Borg, Richard Rohrbaugh, Elizabeth May, Martin Brokenleg, and, just […]

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The Truth Is Laughter

by Susan McCaslin Some Reflections on Chapter 2 of my new book, Arousing the Spirit (Wood Lake Publishing). In Chapter Two of Arousing the Spirit, “Jester Jesus,” I explore some of the ramifications of Jesus’ keen wit and earthy sense of humour. I try to establish not only that the Galilean had a funny bone, […]

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