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Curious Squirrel

What We Read This Week

Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week! PEOPLE An ‘All-or-Nothing Guy’ The United Church’s leading voice on evolutionary Christianity, Rev. Bruce Sanguin brings an athlete’s intensity to his spiritual questing… Read full article From The United Church Observer PEOPLE Interview With Mary Hynes The […]

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Fresh Fruit at a Montreal Farmers Market, Quebec, Canada

What Churches Can Learn from Montreal

by Donna Sinclair This week I was in Montreal, one of my favourite cities in the universe. Big trees, planted along all the streets and even around the parking lots. Lots of parks.  Imaginative boulevard plantings in the summer. Tobogganing on Mount Royal in the winter, which more than compensates for salty snow-covered streets and […]

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Pastoral Prayers for Sunday

by David Sparks It’s one of those weeks when I am glad to have the opportunity to offer pastoral prayers on Sunday. Are there places in the world that need to be held up in prayer? No doubt about it! I have just been watching a news report from Thailand, where my son John is […]

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Time and Eldership: A Necessary Pause

by Donna Sinclair Last night three of us enjoyed a pleasant, pre-meeting chat while we waited for the fourth member of our little church committee to show up. She didn’t. She had forgotten that we had a meeting. I was secretly rather pleased. Our missing member has recently retired. I too am retired, a little […]

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Okanagan Lake

Welcome to essential–

Welcome to essential—, a blog created by Wood Lake Publishing to connect the writers, readers, thinkers, and dreamers who shape our everyday spirituality. We’ve created this blog as a space for people to connect and discuss the stories of the day, but also as a place for inspiration. Over the 30 year history of Wood […]

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