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Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


My Take: If Rwandans Can Forgive Killings, We Can Forgive the Waitress

Would you forgive the bully that tripped you in 3rd grade? What about the terrible service from that lazy waitress? Or the guy who cut you off on the interstate? What about the man who murdered your children?… Read full article

From CNN Belief Blog


Renovation and Repair Creates Way More Jobs, Uses Far Less Material Than New Construction

For years, I have been writing that Renovation Uses Twice As Much Labor, Half as Much Material as New Construction and that In Hard Times It’s Time For Renovation and Preservation. I summed it all up in Heritage is Green… Read full article

From Treehugger


Book Excerpt: Living in Gratitude

Character development is about the values we hold and the roles we assume as we move through our lives. We move toward development when we are in touch with our authentic voice, our authentic self, and when we are living with integrity and honesty… Read full article

From Spirituality and Practice


The Ultimate Outsider

As part of my probation conditions, I have to stay away from places where there are families,” says Joe Patterson, “so that made finding a church hard.”  It didn’t help that when he was released from prison… Read full article

From The United Church Observer


Bonnie Stern: What You Can Make with What’s in Season

As the weather changes, you can still support your local food producers and shop at farmers’ markets. Here’s a small taste of what’s available now. You already know about root vegetables and greens, but local… Read full article

From National Post

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