Pastoral Prayers for Sunday

David Sparks has served for 30 years with The United Church of Canada.

David Sparks has served for 30 years with The United Church of Canada. Sparks just released his latest book, Pastoral Prayers to Share Year B, a lectionary-based collection of responsive pastoral prayers.

by David Sparks

It’s one of those weeks when I am glad to have the opportunity to offer pastoral prayers on Sunday.

Are there places in the world that need to be held up in prayer? No doubt about it!

I have just been watching a news report from Thailand, where my son John is a TV foreign correspondent.

In the report, John circles in a plane over an area that looks more like an endless lake than part of a country. Homes innundated, cars stopped in the middle of highways that no longer go anywhere, people looking fearful and defeated.

When will the rains stop? Will the flooding overtake the huge capital city of Bankok? Will the waters affect the area where John lives with his wife and daughter?

The pastoral prayer will certainly include the country of Thailand and its hugely tested peoples.

And we have a friend who is very sick. I know that there are family members in our faith community touched by illness or suffering themselves. I wonder how I will bring the needs I know about together with those of the congregation when we pray the “suffering” section of the pastoral prayer.

Our local church now has the backing of the council for using some church space as a one-stop support centre for persons in need. We are very thankful for that and hope the vision becomes reality.

So I pray,
Loving God, thank you for the opportunity to offer the pastoral prayer this Sunday.
It feels right to give thanks for the good things that have happened during the past week.
I do want you to know about those persons who are going through challenging times, but I am not expecting that you will jump in and put everything right.
I hope the hearts of the congregational members will be moved to help some of those for whom we have prayed, and be inspired to bring encouragement and support.
I remember that Jesus was there for the downtrodden and hope-less of his time. Amen


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