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Pastoral Prayers for Sunday

by David Sparks It’s one of those weeks when I am glad to have the opportunity to offer pastoral prayers on Sunday. Are there places in the world that need to be held up in prayer? No doubt about it! I have just been watching a news report from Thailand, where my son John is […]

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Time and Eldership: A Necessary Pause

by Donna Sinclair Last night three of us enjoyed a pleasant, pre-meeting chat while we waited for the fourth member of our little church committee to show up. She didn’t. She had forgotten that we had a meeting. I was secretly rather pleased. Our missing member has recently retired. I too am retired, a little […]

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Okanagan Lake

Welcome to essential–

Welcome to essential—, a blog created by Wood Lake Publishing to connect the writers, readers, thinkers, and dreamers who shape our everyday spirituality. We’ve created this blog as a space for people to connect and discuss the stories of the day, but also as a place for inspiration. Over the 30 year history of Wood […]

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